The La Signature Process

Working with us

As a full service design-build firm, LA Signature Home Interiors is your one stop shop for all of your home design and remodel needs. From the idea phase to the final moments of construction – our team is here to help you create the space of your dreams.

Step 1: Design Consultation

In our initial meeting, we’ll review the project you have in mind and discuss your overall budget. We’ll assess your needs and consider any design inspirations you may have. If you aren’t inspired – don’t worry! We will show you photos of similar projects and you’ll let us know what speaks to you.Once you feel confident that LA Signature Home Interiors can do your project, you’ll sign and pay a Design Agreement (design fees vary based on type of project).  At this point, we start working for you. We measure your existing space, asses the project site, and start creating a customized space tailored exactly for you.

Step 2: Designing Your Custom Space

Creating the desired layout:
We explore up to three different layouts based on your space options and desired looks.  For each layout, the pros and cons are discussed.  You pick the layout that is most attractive to you.  The designer will then start researching the materials appropriate for this particular layout.  If the customer decides to change the layout, an additional design fee may apply.  

Selecting Finish Materials and Accessories:
With the layout finalized, our team will help you select the best finish materials, fixtures, and accessories for your space. Through our showroom, the LA Signature Home Interiors Team is able to cut out the retail middle-man and provide their customers with the best prices available.

Finalizing Construction Drawings and Estimate:
Once you’ve selected your finishes and materials, we will work on scale drawings required for your project. The standard project has a floorplan, elevations, electrical, and construction notes. Once completed we will send you the finalized drawings, materials estimate, and construction estimate for your approval.
The design process ends with you signing our Project Construction Agreement and providing us with a 50% deposit for material.

Step 3: Building Your LA Signature Space

Procurement and Construction. The LA Signature team will oversee every step of the construction process – so you don’t have to! We will communicate with you throughout the construction – and are here for you if anything comes up.
We begin by your project filing for anynecessary permits and submitting your material orders to suppliers. Next, the construction begins in earnest -- our crew will arrive, set up, and get right to work. The LA Signature team will manage the construction so that we can complete your project with maximum efficiency. We coordinate all the work, provide a dumpster, and clean your space so it is ready for you to enjoy.

Final Punch List & Final Payment
As our construction nears completion – we will review the final Punch List and work through any issues you may have. After we submit the completed punch list -- and you make the final payment – our project is complete!